Out of town Saturdays: Buenos Aires by Bicycle Pt. 2


Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth and final installment of photos from Buenos Aires, in which the group rents orange bicycles, follows the bike path into the belly of the beast, looks at a very large pink house, gorges on choripán, cycles through a giant park created on landfill, and makes it back in time for dinner. Read on.

Our route:


My sister Abby and Ted, ready to roll:


Pants tucked into socks, a typical style of Porteño cyclists:


Casa Rosada, the White House of Argentine, only pink:

2013-07-15-81472013-07-15-8153 2013-07-15-8154 2013-07-15-8164

Gazing out onto the southern Atlantic Ocean from the Eco Reserve:

2013-07-15-8180 2013-07-15-8185 2013-07-15-8192


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2 Comments on “Out of town Saturdays: Buenos Aires by Bicycle Pt. 2”

  1. Love the Casa Rosada picture!

  2. davidniddrie says:

    Nice ride through a splendid city!

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